Tuesday, 28 February 2012

when you need to know something related to the streets of Melbourne

Eco-Friendly Basket

I am loving the trend of using recycled books for craft projects.
This was an interesting and fun way to recycle a used street directory. I used an old Melbourne Street directory I found around the house and weaved it into a waste paper basket or a basket.
 Be warned that it takes a really LONG time to cut out all of those pages.


How cool does this look? :)

Monday, 27 February 2012

Sleeping Beauty Cake

Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake

This was a last minute decision as my youngest daughter wanted me to make a sleeping beauty princess cake for her 5th birthday and here is the result. I only had a day to make it before her birthday...panic alarms went off and so I cheated by buying a Madeira Sponge Cake at a local supermarket instead of making one.  I dressed it with different coloured fondant to make a bed sheet set and bed head. I then placed sleeping beauty on the bed and then added the quilt cover over her. It turned out into a perfect (small) size cake made for a little girl to share with her family to eat.  The final important thing was that my daughter loved it - yay!

Snowman Cake Pops


I'm a Little Snowman
Short and fat... 

Here is my broomstick

And here is my hat...
When it's cold and icy I do stay-

And when it's sunny- I melt away.

SnowMan Jokes
Q. What do you get if cross a snowman and a shark?
A. Frost bite!

Q. What did Frosty call his cow?
A. Eskimoo!

Q. What do you call a Snowman on roller blades?
A. A snowmobile!

Q. What did the snowman order at McDonalds ?
A. Icerbergers with chilly sauce!

Q.How do you know when there is a snowman in your bed ?
A.You wake up wet!

Q. What does Frosty's wife put on her face at night?
A. Cold cream!

Q. What did Jack Frost say to Frosty the Snowman?
A. Have an ice day!

Boob Pops High Tea Charity

High Tea for Charity

I had a stressful time trying to design these breast pops for a friend, who was about to have  a double masectomy at the time. Due to her family history of breast cancer, a high tea charity was organised for a house function and my friend have managed to raise over $3000 on the day.  Those who donated money won a random raffle prize each from picking out a balloon and went home happy.

My booby pops was a real hit! Phew!!  Everyone enjoyed them:)  It was such a great charity event. 


Raffle Prized Balloons
Boob Pops
Hello Titty Pops

Boob Pops made from White Chocolate Tim Tam Biscuits

Hello Titty Pops were made from Chocolate Oreo Cookies


Love to hear your comments

Knit - Prism Spiral Jacket


I found this pattern at a Lincraft store and had to knit this Prism Spiral Jacket for my 3yr old daughter.
The Prism Yarn makes it so soft,warm and cuddly.

If you like a free copy of this pattern, post me a message and I'll send you out a PDF format of the pattern.

Knit - Space Invaders Cushion


Taught myself to do fair isle with colours for the first time using a sock pattern.  
So here was the result of my very first fair isle project making a space invader cushion.   
L00ks like I got a bit carried away ~! *  What do you think? 
 ◕‿◕ ♥




I loved working with this 'Soft Carnival 'Yarn. It has a so-o-o soft n very cuddly feel to it.
This is a FREE pattern for personal use only to share it with your friends as a lovely handmade gift or for charity. It may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or altered in way without express permission. Please do not reproduce this pattern to sell  that you make using this pattern.
Happy Knitting :)

Free Knitting Pattern:  
Needle US 7 - 4.5mm


row 1: *SL1, K3, PSSO*;   Repeat*  k to end

row 2: SL1, *YO (wyib)*, P3;   Repeat* p to end

row 3: SL1, *Knit to end*

row 4: SL1, *Pearl to end*

These 4 rows makes the pattern. Continue until you run out of wool.

Happy Knitting ! love to hear how yours turned out:)
Witsy  〷◠‿◠〷