Sunday, 27 January 2013

{ Free Pattern } - Donut Hair Accessory

Have nothing to do for 30 minutes?
Try this very quick and simple project.

I made this donut for hair by using left over scrap yarn close to me and my girl’s hair colour.

Choose the yarn for hair colour. 
Chain 28;
Double crochet along and back for 15-16 rows;
Roll it up like a burrito;
whip stitch along and join ends into a donut. That’s it!

Please do not sell this pattern.  It is not for sale.
It used just for your own personal use. 

chain 28 double crochet along and back for 15-16rows
then roll it up and sew ends

add donut to ponytail and then pin around sides
I’ll be making more of these :) yah!

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