Monday, 27 February 2012

Boob Pops High Tea Charity

High Tea for Charity

I had a stressful time trying to design these breast pops for a friend, who was about to have  a double masectomy at the time. Due to her family history of breast cancer, a high tea charity was organised for a house function and my friend have managed to raise over $3000 on the day.  Those who donated money won a random raffle prize each from picking out a balloon and went home happy.

My booby pops was a real hit! Phew!!  Everyone enjoyed them:)  It was such a great charity event. 


Raffle Prized Balloons
Boob Pops
Hello Titty Pops

Boob Pops made from White Chocolate Tim Tam Biscuits

Hello Titty Pops were made from Chocolate Oreo Cookies


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