Monday, 27 February 2012

Knit - Prism Spiral Jacket


I found this pattern at a Lincraft store and had to knit this Prism Spiral Jacket for my 3yr old daughter.
The Prism Yarn makes it so soft,warm and cuddly.

If you like a free copy of this pattern, post me a message and I'll send you out a PDF format of the pattern.


  1. That is so cute. I am thinking of making myself one. Hadn't though I could "practice" on one for a little person.

    I haven't been able to find this pattern on the Lincraft site or on Ravelry - are you able to share please?

  2. Hi Kerry,
    This beautiful pattern is also available in a ladies size - in a gatefold called 'Ladies Cardigans and Vests' - available at Lincraft. If you are unable to find it please phone Meredith on our customer service line, and she can sort someting out for you. all the best, Michelle Sanger - Lincraft creative co-ordinator.

  3. Thanks "formandreform" but I was hoping for the child version, but haven't been able to find it anywhere.

  4. Hi Kerry,
    i'll try send you a photocopy from the book. . please send me your email or pm me via ravelry
    Lisa (witsy on ravelry)

  5. Hi,
    this jacket is really beautiful, I love it ! I search for a long time the pattern and if you are ok to send me your pdf version, I'll be very pleased... Thank you by advance, Noémie (

  6. Nice job! I'd appreciate a PDF of the pattern.

  7. Hello! I would really appreciate a copy of the Prism Jacket pattern for both the child and adult sizes. It's lovely.
    Thanks so much. Annie -

  8. Hi Squinty!
    I've been looking for this pattern for ages... And I just discovered your blog a few minutes ago! Would you please send me this pattern by email too? I would be so so pleased! Thank you so much in advance!